Corpus Manager (Coma)

comaThe EXMARaLDA Corpus-Manager (Coma) is a tool that allows to link EXMARaLDA transcriptions (and their recordings) with metadata in order to compile them into corpora.

The Corpus Manager offers the following functionality:

  • metadata for the speakers;
  • metadata for the communications (constellation data);
  • metadata for the recordings and the actual transcriptions;
  • You can even compile subcorpora via the search function, which can further be also used to work with other EXMARaLDA tools.

As Javic_lock_open_black_48dp_1xa-based application, the Corpus Manager will run on all common operating systems (Windows, Macintosh, Linux). A current Java Runtime Environment is integrated. The source code is Open Source and it is available at GitHub.

ic_file_download_black_48dp_1xDownload of the software is free. The current official version can be found on the download page. Previews of upcoming versions are offered on the preview page.

ic_help_black_48dp_1xIn the section Help/Support, you can find further documents. ic_school_black_48dp_1xBesides that, we offer EXMARaLDa training courses on a regular basis, you can read more about them on this page.