exaktEXAKT (‘EXMARaLDA Analysis- and Concordance Tool’) is the query and analysis tool for EXMARaLDA corpora. It can also be used for corpora created with other tools (FOLKER, Transcriber, ELAN).

EXAKT offers the following functionality:

  • query for transcribed and annotated phenomena using regular expressions;
  • view the transcript context for all matches;
  • play the audio or video corresponding to a match;
  • automatically or manually filter and sort query results;
  • correlate query results with speaker or communication metadata;
  • add your own analysis categories to a query result;
  • save query results or export them to other applications (e.g.. Excel).

As Javic_lock_open_black_48dp_1xa-based application, the EXAKT will run on all common operating systems (Windows, Macintosh, Linux). A current Java Runtime Environment is integrated. The source code is Open Source and it is available at GitHub.

ic_file_download_black_48dp_1xDownload of the software is free. The current official version can be found on the download page. Previews of upcoming versions are offered on the preview page.

ic_help_black_48dp_1xIn the section Help/Support, you can find further documents. ic_school_black_48dp_1xBesides that, we offer EXMARaLDa training courses on a regular basis, you can read more about them on this page.