Release Version

These are the official releases of the EXMARaLDA tools, released on 09 May 2017.
The version numbers of the individual tools are 1.6 (Partitur-Editor), 2.0 (COMA), 1.3 (EXAKT), 1.2 (FOLKER), 0.9 (OrthoNormal).
We regularly make available previews for the upcoming version, which contain changes, improvements and bug fixes to this official version. The latest preview was released on 31 July 2019, 11:37 AM.

windows-logo EXMARaLDA for Windows
[notes for installation on Windows 8 or higher]
macos-logo EXMARaLDA for MacOS:
[notes for installation on MacOS X]
macos-logo EXMARaLDA for Linux:
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