Partitur Editor

partitur-editorThe EXMARaLDA Partitur Editor is a tool for transcribing and annotating of digital audio and video files. With the Partitur Editor, you can enter, edit and output transcriptions in musical score (German: “Partitur) format. Transcription and digital audio or video recordings can be linked and aligned in this process.

The Partitur-Editor offers the following functionality:

  • Time-aligned transcription in multiple tiers;
  • Processing of transcriptions according to common transcription conventions (HIAT, GAT, CHAT);
  • Output of transcription data in different layouts (musical score, line-for-line), in different document formats (HTML, MS Word) and with multimedia links to audio or video;
  • Adding manual annotations in an arbitrary number of additional tiers, semi-automatic annotation methods, support for systematic annotation schemes;
  • Documentation of speakers;
  • Data exchange with other widely-used systems (Praat, ELAN, Transcriber etc.);
  • Calling Webservices for automatization of workflows (alignment, token annotation, translation, ASR).

As Javic_lock_open_black_48dp_1xa-based application, the Partitur-Editor will run on all common operating systems (Windows, Macintosh, Linux). A current Java Runtime Environment is integrated. The source code is Open Source and it is available onGitHub.

ic_file_download_black_48dp_1xDownload of the software is free. The current official version can be found on the download page. Previews of upcoming versions are offered on the preview page.

ic_help_black_48dp_1xIn the section Help/Support, you can find further documents. ic_school_black_48dp_1xWe offer EXMARaLDa training courses on regular basis, you can read more about them on this page.