Preview Version

These are previews for the next official version of EXMARaLDA. They contain changes, enhancements, bug fixes to the latest official EXMARaLDA version.

Please note: the current previews for Windows an MAC OS are new distributions for 64bit systems / Java 11+ / OpenJDK. The MAC versions should run under MAC OS 10.15 (Catalina). These versions contain a lot of fundamental changes (among others, to the media players). We have run tests on these versions, but cannot guarantee that they are bug-free. We are grateful for test reports to exmaralda-support AT

windows-logo EXMARaLDA preview for Windows
[notes for installation on Windows 8 or higher]
macos-logo EXMARaLDA previews for MacOS:
[notes for installation on MacOS X]
macos-logo EXMARaLDA previews for Linux:

These are new experimental distributions for Linux (see issue #238). Use at your own risk:

The latest previews were uploaded on 17 September 2021, 12:50 PM.
Current version number are 1.7 (Partitur-Editor), 2.0.2 (COMA), 1.4 (EXAKT), 1.3 (FOLKER), 0.9.9 (OrthoNormal).
You can view all changes here.