logo512Sextant (Standoff EXMARaLDA-Transcription Annotation Tool) is a tool that helps to generate and manage Feature-Structure-based Standoff-annotations for EXMARaLDA segmented transcriptions.

You can obtain detailed information (German only) from Wörner, Kai: “Werkzeuge zur flachen und hierarchischen Annotation von Transkriptionen gesprochener Sprache.” (Bielefeld, 2010).

The development of the tool and the respective components is a “work in progress”. This means: it is not guaranteed that the funtions displayed in the software, or described elsewhere, will work. Some parts of this software and the schemas and models that underlie them, may change anytime. Therefore, no guarantee regarding the integrity of the data that will be edited with this tool, can be given.

This tools can be downloaded with the current EXMARaLDA release.