What is HIAT?

HIAT is an acronym of “Halbinterpretative Arbeitstranskriptionen” (Semi-Interpretaive Working Transcriptions). It is a transcription system used predominantly in functional-pragmatic discourse analysis. HIAT was developed in the 1970s by Konrad Ehlich and Jochen Rehbein.


In summer 2004, a Manual for computer-assisted transcription according to HIAT was published in the series ‘Hamburg Working Papers in Multilingualism’. Beside many instructions for notation of typical spoken language phenomena, the manual contains a chapter on multilinguality in transcription and instructions for using HIAT with EXMARaLDA.

Following the link below, you will find some one hundred short transcription examples from the manual. The examples were created with the EXMARaLDA Partitur-Editor. Some of them are provided with the underlying audio recording. The example collection is meant to be used as teaching or training material.

Here is the HIAT example collection.

Since most publications on HIAT are in German, we have summarized the most important points of HIAT in the following documents:

HIAT bibliography