Christmas previews

Christmas TreeSince November, we’ve been focussing our efforts to finalize a new official version of EXMARaLDA. We hope to be able to publish it in early 2017. The most important changes are already included in the newest preview versions. Some interesting new features and improvements are:

  • The tools FOLKER and OrthoNormal, which were developped as EXMARaLDA “offshoots” for the FOLK project at the IDS Mannheim, will now become an official part of the EXMARaLDA distribution.
  • Via the CLARIN menu of the Partitur-Editor, EXMARaLDA makes accessible CLARIN services for automatic word and phoneme aligment (WebMAUS) and for automatic annotation (WebLicht).
  • The Partitur-Editor ist now ready to export TEI data following the ISO Standard „Transcriptions of Spoken Language“ published in August 2016.
  • With the JDS Player for Windows and the CocoaQT Player for MAC OS we have (hopefully) improved EXMARaLDA’s support for working with video. We currently recommend and support videos in MPEG-1 format. Both players also offer slow-down or speed-up of playback for audio and video.
  • With the Multimodal Panel and the SVG-Panel (both in the View menu), the Partitur-Editor has two new components for working with multimodal or cross-modal data. Both components are still in the prototype stage, but already feature complete.