EXMARaLDA Mini Survey

We would be grateful if you could spare five to ten minutes to participate in a small survey on EXMARaLDA:


Background: EXMARaLDA celebrates her twentieth birthday this year. We know that the tools are still used a lot in research and teaching, and that there is still a high demand for user support and maintenance. After the time available to “look after” EXMARaLDA had already become scarcer in recent years, further development, support and maintenance are currently no longer directly integrated into an institution or a project. As a result, important tasks such as a new official release or adapting the distribution to new versions of MAC OS are left undone for longer than would be desirable.

Because download and support for EXMARaLDA are free and do not require registration, we have no real overview of who uses the software for what purposes. With this small survey we would like to get a better picture of this. We are planning to use the insights gained in this way to develop a viable model for the further development, support and maintenance of EXMARaLDA. EXMARaLDA will hopefully still be available free of charge on its twenty-fifth birthday, will also run on MAC OS 13.21 (‘Cheshire Cat’) and will of course remain open source.

Thanks a lot for your help. Please feel free to forward the link to the survey (https://tinyurl.com/exmaralda-mini-survey) to anyone interested.