Christmas Previews 2022

We have taken advantage of the company vacations to work on some overdue changes to the EXMARaLDA distributions. The new distributions can now be downloaded from the previews page. The most important changes are:

  • There are now distributions for all six EXMARaLDA tools which run natively on Macintosh computers with the new M1 chip
  • The MacOS distributions are signed and notarized so that they will not be classified as potential malware any longer
  • Likewise, the Windows distribution is signed. The warning from the windows defender is still displayed after download, but will go sway once a sufficiently large number of users have downloaded and installed this distribution
  • There is now a Linux distribution as a Debian package
  • The integrated Java Runtimes have been updated to a recent version for all tools on all operating systems
  • The code for the different players was also updated

We have also worked on improving and extending the functionality of the tools. For now, have a look at the changes overview for more information.