Release Candidates

The last “official” EXMARaLDA release is more than three and a half years old. In the meantime, the tools have undergone a retread in numerous previews, many new and improved functions have been added, and there is a new concept for the maintenance, further development and support of EXMARaLDA. The current previews are now candidates for a new official EXMARaLDA release, which will take place in the next few weeks.

The most important new features include:

  • improved and extended functionality for working with the ISO standard “Transcriptions of Spoken Language”.
  • new import filters for data formats written by automatic speech recognition software
  • new connections to web services: DeepL for automatic translation, G2P for automatic phonetic transliteration, WebMaus for automatic fine-alignment of transcripts
  • a list view for individual tracks and a types list that can be connected to the annotation panel (see screenshot above)

GitHub documents 61 completed issues and 6 still open issues for this release. As soon as the last number has dropped to 0, there will be news about the new official versions here.