EXMARaLDA Support Licences

From October 2023 on, linguisticbits.de is offering support licences for EXMARaLDA. A support licence will secure you priority support from EXMARaLDA’s main developer and give you a budget of support hours which you can use for:

  • User support (via E-Mail or Zoom)
  • Online-Courses (Tutorials, Q&A sessions)
  • Data management and software development tasks
  • Sponsoring of GitHub issues

Support licences are our new model for financing support, maintenance, and further development of EXMARaLDA after other sources are no longer available. By purchasing an EXMARaLDA support licence, you are both receiving support for your own work and lending support to EXMARaLDA’s future as free and open source software.

Visit the support licence page at linguisticbits.de or write to thomas@linguisticbits.de for further information.